Sundance Global Shorts

A little while back, the Sundance Institute asked six influential independent filmmakers to each produce an original short film intended to be viewed on the small screen of a mobile phone. They’ve put them on their website and you can watch them all here.

My favorite is A Slip In Time by Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton (who directed Little Miss Sunshine). It’s an amazing slow-motion study of slapstick comedy. They take a lot of the classic silent-era movie slapstick gags like getting hit in the face with a pie, slipping on a banana peel, etc. and shoot them with a high-speed camera. The results are beautiful and whimsical.

Altogether, I think my order of favorite to least favorite of the five films is:

  1. A Slip In Time
  2. La Revolucion de Iguodala
  3. Reno
  4. Learning to Skateboard
  5. Los Viajes de King Tiny

So if you get a chance, swing by the Sundance site and check out the shorts.

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