12 Films In 12 Months Returns In 2013!

I’m very excited to announce that this year there will be a whole new 12 films in 12 months. In 2008, I launched the project to create a series of twelve short films based in different genres over the course of a full year; one film each month. Now, five years later, someone else is taking up the challenge to create a year-long series of short films.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Dan Coronado. He’s a photographer and filmmaker based in San Diego. He runs Dan Coronado Photo and San Diego Action Media; and is very involved in the San Diego cycling scene. In fact, cycling has become his muse for this project. Over the next year, he’ll be creating short documentaries focusing on a different San Diego cyclist each month. Dan’s collecting a diverse range of subjects and stories that he’s looking to tell; showcasing a variety of people in diverse careers and lives that are all connected by the common thread of cycling.

If you want to follow the process this year, Dan will be posting thoughts, updates, and final films here on this site and also at the 12 Films In 12 Months Facebook Page. He’ll be posting soon to share a little of his vision behind the project this year. I for one, am excited to watch the process unfold.

The clock starts, well…yesterday. So check back often to follow Dan’s progress throughout the year. 12 Films In 12 Months: 2013 should be a great year of filmmaking!

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