12 Films in 12 Months is a year-long adventure in independent filmmaking.  It was started in January, 2008 by Ian Robertson with the goal of making 12 short (three – five minute) films over the course of 12 months. To keep it interesting, Ian decided to do a different genre each month; which led to the creation of a mockumentary, music video, western, zombie movie, and more. Work began on the first of each month and the goal was to have it completed by the end of the month. As you can see by the blog archives, some months were more successful than others. But, against all odds, on December 31, 2008, the final film was completed. For a little more info on the motivation behind the 2008 films check out this post.


So thanks for checking out 12 Films in 12 Months.  I hope you’ll check back often and that you’ll like what you see.

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