Film #4: Coming by Sunday

So, chances are that if you’re visiting this site today, you’ve come to see if my fourth short film of the year has been posted. And upon seeing that it has not, you might find yourself thinking, “I wonder if Ian slacked off for the second month in a row and doesn’t have his April film done by the end of April. That would be a shame.” And indeed, I have and it is.

The last few days ended up busier then I had anticipated and sadly, I haven’t been able to give enough time to editing to the film since we shot this last Sunday. But I am determined to get it done as quickly as I can and I’m planning on having it online by this upcoming Sunday, May 4. In the meantime enjoy some of the photos from the shoot as well as some of the random videos I’ve been posting all week in my Twitter feed.

Perhaps now I might have to consider changing my site’s subtitle, as Brian suggested I do last month (although I don’t quite know if I’ll use his suggestion line-for-line). Thanks for being patient everyone.

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