9 thoughts on “Film #3: “Paper Covers Rock”

  1. Kerry S.


    Well done, you mentioned capturing emotion, and I think you did it. I actually found myself with a little smile at that final moment when she wins. Great job on the cut scene to the training, it helped move the story along and provide some backdrop/needed info. Great flick!

  2. Jamie D

    did you see me loving zis film?! i sink dat you did! more sven!

    great pace w/the soundtrack…hints of “Rocky” 🙂 well done!

  3. Derek

    Haha, very nice… you really did capture the magic at the end there. You should probably just end every movie with a freeze frame from here on out.

  4. brian berry

    I can still write a bible study for this. I’m telling you… these films will change youth ministry from this day hence.


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