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So what is 12 Films in 12 Months all about? In short, it’s about two things: storytelling and motivation. But first, a little back-story: I got hooked on making movies nine years ago when I started learning to edit while volunteering in a middle school ministry at my church. I just couldn’t get enough of it. I changed my major in college and studied visual arts and filmmaking. When I finished college I was hired at my current job as a media and graphic designer; creating all sorts of presentations, design work, and videos for the events that we produce.

So this is where the “12 films” project comes in. It’s not a replacement for my job. Rather it’s a chance for me to tell my own stories with no assumptions; no preconceived intention as to who is going to be viewing it and what story it should tell. It’s also a practice in discipline. It’s all too easy for me to have an idea of a project I’d like to do and then put it off endlessly, spending my time and energy elsewhere. Well, now I feel like I not only have accountability (in you, the reader and subscriber of this blog); but also a series of hard deadlines, namely the last day of each month.

And I get excited thinking about each one of the upcoming months because I love movies. I love watching them and I love making them. I love it when they move me, entertain me, amuse me, teach me, and challenge me. I love deep, insightful films as much as I love fun, seat-of-your-pants thrilling films. I don’t even mind a summertime popcorn-munching blockbuster, as long as it’s a good ride with decent writing and memorable characters.

As far as my own movies go, I can’t promise that every short film I make over the next year is going to be an award winner. But that’s not really the point. I’m doing this to learn, grow, have fun, push myself and make movies that I like. Yes, I’d love to produce some good films that people enjoy watching; and hopefully my films will get better as the year goes on. But really, I’m more excited about the process at this point and telling good stories well, than about trying to produce my “one great film” or “breakthrough film” or whatever.

And that process is why I’m blogging the whole thing. I want to share my experience and I want your feedback, comments, suggestions, and thoughts along the way. So thanks for being with me here at the beginning. Please stick around and join me for this crazy year of filmmaking.

2 thoughts on “What It Is

  1. Lee Roberts

    Just watched all 4 of your first short films. Loved them. Keep up the great work. I’ll be checking back often to see how things are coming…

  2. Andrea Lee

    You’ve come a long way from high school Ian! Your films are amazing and I’ll be watching in the months to come for your next ones!


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