Title Sequences

A good title sequence sets the tone for the film you’re about to watch and draws you into its world. At the same time, it seems that the title sequence is one of the few conventionally accepted parts of a film where the filmmaker and producer can be audaciously creative and experimental visually within the film. They can work with animation, motion typography, montage, unconventional filming and editing techniques, stylization of footage, and much more; and not have to worry about continuing that same look throughout the entire film.

I recently came across a great post of 30 Unforgettable Movie Title Sequences .  Take some time and watch a few of them.  There is some amazing work represented.  As different as all the sequences are, the one constant is that they all set a tone with sound, picture, and type that draws you emotionally into the movie you’re about to see.

If you want even more title sequences, check out The Art of the Title Sequence and Forget the Film, Watch the Titles; two great sites with growing catalogues of movie title sequences.

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