The Lightsaber Effect

One of the first special effects I ever did when I started making videos was to shoot a sequence of two guys fighting with wood lightsabers and then frame-by-frame add in the glowing blade. I’ve done it a couple of other times since then and it never ceases to be cool. Even if it’s just you and a couple of friends beating each other with sticks, once you add in the lightsaber effect, it becomes cool.

That being said, there’s a really fun collection of 10 great lightsaber mash-ups in which people have added lightsabers into movies like Lord of the Rings, 300, The Princess Bride, and more over at Videogum. Below is a clip someone put together from Pirates of the Caribbean. Click here for the full list.

2 thoughts on “The Lightsaber Effect

  1. Nick Brown

    Totally cool effects. The Star Wars “overlay” on Pirates of the Carribean should have Disney and Lukas running for their lawyers … but I hope that they can take this most excellent joke.


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