TED Talks: J.J. Abrams

Every year, the TED conference brings together all sorts of brilliant thinkers and practitioners to share and discuss “ideas worth spreading” (primarily about Technology, Entertainment, and Design). In fact, it just happened last week in Monterey, CA.

This is a talk given last year by J.J. Abrams, the producer, writer, and director behind Alias, Lost, Cloverfield, and the upcoming Star Trek movie (ok, so I’m not a Trekkie by any means, but the teaser trailer for Star Trek is pretty cool. Check it out here). I’m a huge fan of Lost, so I was naturally intrigued to hear what he had to say; and it’s good stuff. The talk is called, “Mystery in a Box” and yes, it was an influence on the writing of my January film.

He talks about a “Magic Mystery Box” that he purchased a magic store years ago, has never opened, and will never open because the mystery of what’s inside the box is more interesting than anything that might actually be in the box. He talks about the beginnings of his love for mystery, making Lost, stories in films as mystery boxes, and what films are really about in terms of investment in characters (as opposed to the action or effects they get promoted for).

Link to the talk.

One thought on “TED Talks: J.J. Abrams

  1. Jamie D

    You are a total Lost geek…and so am I! Thanks for sharing theories! He definitely has a knack for storytelling and for assembling people who have a unique style. Thanks for the link!


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