Film #9 – Update

Sorry for the blog silence as of late.  It has been a very busy month in my life personally and professionally and I haven’t been able to carve out as much time to post as I would have liked.  With the Film Festival last weekend and a high volume of work at my full-time job, not to mention the excitement and anticipation of buying a new house, this month has rushed by.

As far as Film #9 goes, I’m still moving forward and in fact, I’m shooting it tonight.  So, it should be no big surprise that since I’m only shooting the film tonight, it won’t be completed by the end of September (since today happens to be the end of September).  But, my goal is to have it finished and completed within a week or so.  I’ll definitely post updates and a more exact release date as I get into editing the film.

I’m very excited for this month’s film.  I’m trying to make a film that fits into the genre of Film Noir while playing with it a bit and mashing in some elements from other genres, namely Kung Fu.  I’m still somewhat aprehensive about how well they’ll combine and whether they can play well with each other.  But, making it work is part of the fun of trying it in the first place.  I’ll let you know how the shoot goes tonight!

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