Film #9: Update 2

Just under a month ago I posted about shooting Film #9 and since then, nothing.  So I’m back after a bit of a hiatus to fill you in on all that’s been going on and where the film is at and what’s coming up for the next film.

Well we did indeed shoot Film #9 on Sept. 30 and the shoot went well.  It went longer then expected, but everyone involved was very gracious and stuck it out.  Everyone did a fantastic job and I got some great footage.  The next day I shifted gears and put the editing of the film on hold.  My wife and I were in the process of buying a house and escrow closed at the end of that week.  So I spent the next few days after the shoot working like crazy at my job at YS (prepping media for our conventions this fall) and joining my wife in packing up our apartment.

We moved into the new house that weekend and then three days later we were both on a plane on our way to Sacramento for the first National Youth Workers Convention.  For the next week, I was working non-stop at the convention creating, modifying, and running media for the general sessions (which is what I do at YS in terms of our events).  I shot and edited a couple of short videos that we showed over the weekend and after we wrap the third convention in November, I’ll put them up here as well.

Since getting back to San Diego, we got a little more settled into our house, I’ve been prepping for the next YS convention in Pittsburgh next week, and now I’m diving back into finishing these 12 films before the year’s end.

I’m in the middle of editing Film #9 as well as planning the shoot for Film #10.  #9 is coming together well and I think the Film Noir and Kung Fu are going to play nice together.  I can’t wait to play with the sound design on this one as it has a good amount of voice over and sound effects and I think it could be really fun.

#10 is going to be a zombie movie!  I’ve been looking forward to this one since I started this project.  We’re planning on shooting it in two weeks and I want to make sure everything gets set for it because I think that it could be great.  Stay tuned for more.

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