Film #6: The Shoot

This month has been something of a rollercoaster in terms of production.  After getting film #5 completed and online a week into June, I went on a trip with my wife and took a very necessary week off from planning or thinking about producing any films.  When I got back into it, I spent another week running down the path of several different stories, genres and production plans only to hit complications (or have my plans become too large and complicated to pull off) each time.  I landed on doing a story loosely based in the style of a fairy tale in terms of narration and structure (but not so much in terms of far-away lands and such).

Two of my friends and co-workers, Holli Bibler and Carrie Clausen were kind enough to star in the film this month and we managed to shoot it all in less than two hours on Thursday of last week.  We shot around the office at Youth Specialties where we work (and a big thanks to Marko and YS for letting me use the office) and it went really well.  We had a couple of shots to reshoot and add this last Monday but that went really fast.  Of course, I was the fool who wanted to shoot as quick as possible for the reshoots so I didn’t bother to mount the light on a stand this time and instead tried to hold it over my head along with a reflective surface to bounce the light while running the camera and directing the scene (I’m beginning to think it might have been faster to just set up the stand…oh well).  I posted a couple pictures from the shoot on Flickr here.

Then, last night, my friend Robert came over with a couple guitars and we closed ourselves into my office at home for a couple hours to record the soundtrack.  I’m excited for how it turned out.  Robert brought a lot of thought and creativity to the music and we ended up with a pretty unique feel for the whole thing.

After he left, I stayed up and finished the sound and final cut of the film.  It will be up very soon.  Stay tuned!

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