Film #5: Coming by Sunday

I realize that we are well into June (by 4 days even) and there’s still no sign of Film #5 from May.  My goal is to have it up by Sunday, but in the meantime let me fill you in on some of what’s been going on with the production.

Since I’m doing a music video this month, I decided to venture out of shooting a straight narrative and do some work with motion graphics and compositing, as well as (I hope) a fun approach to how we’ve incorporated it into the performance of the song itself. The song is performed by a friend of mine named Sherman Thomas. We got together a couple of weeks ago and did the first round of shooting entirely against a green screen. I then spent a good chunk of last week working with the green screen footage to do a bunch of compositing and motion graphic work for the verses and choruses of the song. Then this last Sunday, we got together again and did the second round of shooting to incorporate some of the motion graphics and pull together the final look of the video.

So now I’m working on a little more compositing work for the bridge of the song as well as syncing and color-correcting the footage to get the final music video.  I’m excited for how it’s coming together.

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