Film #3: Quick Update

I just wanted to give an update on my film for March (yes, I realize it’s now officially April). I’m in the process of editing it and it may still take a couple days to finish. I got slammed with work over the last few days and didn’t get a chance to do much editing on the film. I’m making some progress now, but there’s still a good amount to do. I’ll keep posting updates on the progress here and in the twitter feed. Stay tuned, new film soon!

5 thoughts on “Film #3: Quick Update

  1. brian berry

    dude. You now have to change your sub title. Here’s how I think it should now read: “A year of film making, monthish to monthish or whenever I get around to it. My dog takes time and my wife is demanding and I lack sleep. So get over it. Unless you’re a hollywood producer with cash, don’t whine at me”

  2. Christina Robertson

    His wife is demanding??!! Excuse me? Did he tell you that? I am not demanding! Ian, tell that Brian Berry I am not demanding!:)

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