Film #3: Getting Started

It’s March and it’s time to make another short film. In thinking about a genre for this month I’m becoming partial to the idea of playing on “March Madness” and doing a sports film. Because really, who doesn’t love a good inspirational, underdog-against-all-odds sports story, right? I mean, you’ve got great films like Rudy, The Natural, Remember the Titans, Rocky, etc. But I’m trying to land on a sport to feature in the film. Any suggestions?

11 thoughts on “Film #3: Getting Started

  1. Allison

    Oh snap Frisbee Golf! Wait, wait, I don’t know if I like this as the sport in your film so much as I just wanna play it.

  2. jay

    bro Bocce ball needs some much overdue video appreciation. you could go oldschool and do one on pogs… I use to throw down a mean slammer.

  3. dani

    thumb wrestling and pencil fighting. you know….while your teacher turned their back for that brief second. gosh! junior high rocked!


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