9 thoughts on “Film #2: “Click Click”

  1. Blake

    Very nice. The pace was great, and Jay you look amazing. You would break my heart, too. Allison and Christina, you didn’t look half-bad either.

  2. Kerry S.

    Good Job by all. The titles were great, a very Napoleon Dynamite feel to it, and the soundtrack fit nicely. Jay was brutal, and way to convincing. Something tells me he’s done that before, the lil heartbreaker.

  3. Jamie D

    Who knew Jay could be so compelling?! Sweet score Mats! Believable performance by Allison ~ the camera likes her and so do I. Nicely done StIANa (in case you didn’t notice, that’s your new celebrity couple name)

  4. robert m

    the cinematography was outstanding, the acting was superb, the editing was oscar caliber, but the soundtrack…what can i say? i still hear it in my dreams. (click click)

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  6. dani

    humn…so i like the turrets. kinda made me think of something about mary. allison was awesome. cause chicks rule! jay…i just don;t know.. over did the john cussak thing.
    music is a thumbs up.


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