Film #1: Quick Update

As the end of the month has arrived (it just passed midnight), I’m working hard to finish up my first film of the series.  Here’s a little progress report: I finished the full visual cut and I’m really pleased with how it all looks.  Now I just need to be as pleased with how it all sounds.  I’ve moved on to editing sound and creating the soundtrack.  I’ve actually got some foley work to still do in order to get some sounds that weren’t happening live during the shoot.  I’ve got about half of the music bed created for the film and I’m working on the second half.  The plan for the film is to still have it up by tomorrow (or I guess it’s today – either way: January 31).  Stay tuned…

One thought on “Film #1: Quick Update

  1. Derek

    Here’s to making deadlines!

    … Which is something I’m apparently terrible at, considering how far behind I’m slipping on my blog. And yet, you’re working on a film AND blogging. Ah well…. good luck on getting it finished, I’m excited to see it. 🙂


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