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Last month, Variety reported that this year, “AFI’s 100 Years” installment is going to focus on genres. They’re going to count down their picks for the top 10 films in 10 different genres, creating AFI’s 10 Top 10. The 10 genres they’re picking focusing on are animation, fantasy, science fiction, gangster, western, sports, romantic comedy, courtroom drama, mystery and epics.

I got excited to see their list when it’s completed because one of the ways I’ve been thinking of approaching and focusing the films I’m making this year is through genre and the list of films they create could be a great jumping off point to studying each genre. I think it would be fun and challenging to pick a different genre each month and attempt to make a short film in that style. I’m not going to do every genre on their list and I’ll probably do some that aren’t. In fact, I chose specifically to make my January film with as little to no dialogue as possible; wanting to make a silent film as the beginning to this project.

Well now it’s February and I feel it’s only fitting that I try to make a romantic comedy. I’m really struggling in trying to land on a story for this one; maybe I need to just spend a day watching romantic comedies with my wife (I’m sure she won’t mind that). AFI lists “It Happened One Night” as one of their potential choices. Anyone have any other suggestions?