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A little late on the actual blog post…

With all the social network sites & video sharing sites to keep up with I managed to not update the Blog with the official first release of the film #1… So here it is!



I update facebook the most so don’t forget to check in & like our page:

Filming has begun for February’s film & will be up by next week! I hope these films are as fun for you to watch as they are for me to make, & if they help you appreciate cyclists a little more, or inspire you to get on a bike, than I’ve done my job 🙂


12 BICYCLE films in 12 months!

Hey guys, my name is Dan Coronado & I have had a love for art & bicycles since I was 4 years old.
4 yr old Dan

This year I’m going to be doing a project focused around different bicycle cultures all over San Diego. I’ve been wanting to do a bike film for a while & have landed on this final idea of creating a new chapter for the 12 films in 12 months project, started by my friend Ian Robertson . I plan on focusing on one short documentary-style story each month leading into one big documentary that we will put together for 2014.

There have been 2 things that have really made me want to make a film about cyclists in SD:

– San Diego is one of the best places in the US for year round cycling weather, yet it never gets recognized as a top bike friendly city for a list of reasons… I would like to make light of this in efforts to make our city more bike friendly.

– There have been a lot of bike related deaths & injuries in San Diego County lately & I want to show that there is a HUGE variety of individuals that enjoy biking of all types in San Diego & people need to share the road, trails, & beaches.

I want these stories to be focused around SD as much as possible, from the people, to the music & just showing off how BEAUTIFUL our city is. One thing I will be needing help with is MUSIC. If you are a LOCAL artist in San Diego & would like to have your music featured in a film this year please let me know! I can’t promise that I will use everyone’s music, but I definitely would like to hear your tracks & see if any of them will be the right fit for one of the films.

Really looking forward to getting the first film up for you guys to see… keep checking in & at the end of each month I hope to capture a story that you will enjoy.

Happy New Year!
– Dan Coronado